SCUBA Diving
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About the Resort SCUBA Diving Local Guide

Anilao Beach Club is one of the premier dive facilities in the Philippines. We are an SSI (Scuba Schools International) Platinum Instructor Training Facility as well as an ANDI (American Nitrox Divers International) facility. Our air quality meets or exceeds ANDI standards which are the highest in the world. We can provide Enriched Air Nitrox mixes, in any oxygen percentage, to all Nitrox certified divers. All of our tanks are blended by an ANDI certified gas blender with mix averages within 1% of the target mix. Anilao Beach Club is also a certified tr-mix gas facility for those serious tech-divers.

All of our dive equipment is well maintained and our dive guides carry redundant breathing systems (RBS) consisting of a completely seperate side mount system. Our Divemasters are all certifed with certifications renewed annually and have been diving these dive sites for many years. Our group sizes are generally small and are typically no more than 5 divers to 1 dive guide. Our dive guides will provide you with a safe and rewarding diving experience you will surely remember for years to come!

Not certified to dive yet? No problem! We have multiple certified instructors on-site who can provide instruction and certification as an Open Water Diver.

Diving in the Anilao area can be done all year round, even in the rainy season. However, some of the areas on the penninsula can get pretty rough during the Habagat (southwest monsoon) making launching boats too difficult.

Not so at Anilao Beach Club; because the beach faces northeast, the rollers/high waves go by us further out to sea. This allows divers to launch boats or do shore dives all year round.

What may seem odd though, is frequently the visibility in front of the resort during rainy season is generally better than at other times.    This works well for fun divers and also instructors who want to dive with their students for certifications.     

So come join us for some of the best diving the Philiipines has to offer!