Dive Sites near Anilao Beach Club
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About the Resort SCUBA Diving Local Guide

Cathedral Rock

This dive site is a Marine Park Sanctuary and is one of the most popular dive sites in all of the Philippines. As a marine sanctuary, the site is teeming with many varieties of marine life including Moorish Idols, beautifully colored Parrot Fish, Lion Fish, Moray Eels as well as beautiful fans and soft corals. Then President Fidel Ramos placed a cement cross at the bottom of the sea bed here in 1983.

This is an excellent dive site for beginning divers as well as experienced divers and is one of the best sites for night dives.

Dive Site Statistics :

Typical Depths :  18 - 30 meters

Visibility :  Generally 10 - 25 meters

Currents :  Generally mild but can be strong at times (check tide tables)

Travel time to dive site from Anilao Beach Club :  10 minutes by boat

Experience level : Beginner to Advanced 


Sombrero Island

 This dive site is one of the furthest dive sites but is well worth the trip. The island is appropriately named due to it's shape resembles that of a Spanish sombrero. This is an incredible dive site offering beautiful coral gardens , steep walls and many varieties of marine life. This is an excellent dive site for photographers because of the abundance of marine life and the generally good visibility. You can expect to see many varieties of nudibranch's, Red Toother Trigger fish, large Groupers, Black Lion fish, schools of Rainbow runners, Red Fusiliers and possibly some Giant Puffers. One of the best dive sites for beginners or experienced divers as well as photographers.

Dive Site Statistics

Typical Depths : 8 - 25 meters

Visibility  :  Generally 10-25 meters

Currents  :  Variable depending on tides but generally slight to moderate

Travel time by boat  :  30 - to 45 minutes

Experience level  :  Beginner to advanced


Dari Laut

This dive site is a very unique dive site in that it was once home to a floating restaurant in the 1970's. Mysteriously, the floating restaurant caught fire and sunk to the bottom.Fortunately, the structure was located close to the shore so is fairly shallow.  All that remains of the structure are the steel structural beams which play host to an abundance of marine life. The variety of fish around the structure is incredible! Some of the varieties you may see are the beautiful Mandarin Fish, Crab Eye Gobies, Bat Fish, Snappers, Jack Fish, Frog Fish and a whole host of other species.

This is a relatively shallow dive starting at about 3 meters and descending to about 27 meters. Very good dive site for beginners. 

Dive Site Statistics

Typical Depths : 12 - 27 meters

Visibility : Generally 5 - 25 meters

Currents : Little to none

Travel time to dive site : 15 - 30 minutes by boat

Experience level : Beginner to advanced.


Dive and Trek

This is a great dive site for snorkelers, tri-scuba and beginning scuba divers due to it's mild conditions, relatively shallow areas and good visibility. There is an abundance of hard corals and many species of marine life to be seen at this site. There is also a large population of beautifully colored giant clams. Some of the marine life you may see would be large schools of Jacks, lobsters, Big Eyed Trevally, several varieties of Snappers, Angel Fish, Stripe or Banded Groupers and many large Moray Eels. The site is also fun because 3 cement statues have been placed underwater; 2 crosses and 1 statue of the Virgin Mary. One of the crosses is placed at 18 meters and the second cross is at 20 meters a short distance away. The Virgin Mary is in a cove at about 24 meters. Good night dive site.

Dive Site Statistics

Typical Depths : 5 - 30 meters   (The sandy bottom slopes down to significantly deeper depths)

Visibility : Generally 10-25 meters

Currents : Little to none

Travel time to dive site : 15-30 minutes by boat

Experience level : Beginner to advanced